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Tell a story, brand content, and share. Pasted is a set tools with a focus on user experience and an aim to make work a little easier for everyone.

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About Pasted

Pasted is the fastest way to share content. The pasted process has been designed with workflow as a primary focus.


Pasted architecture diagram.
Pasted architecture diagram.
Simplicity is key

The power of pasted is really in it's simplicity. Content is hashed, cached, & placed on an object store which is then sent a content delivery network. Once content becomes available on the Content Delivery Network (CDN) the cache is expired and all future requests will be directed to the CDN edge node.

The hash is everything

All objects are stored using the SHA1 of the provided content which ensures the risk of collisions is extremely unlikely. In the event duplicate content is uploaded to, the existing content will be immediate returned from the CDN giving the end-user a seamless experience.

It's as easy as copy and paste

Pasted can be used anywhere! In browsers, from the terminal (Linux, Windows, Macintosh), just about anywhere work happens. The pasted client makes accessing the remote paste service super easy while the API provides a robust way to connect to our offered services in unique and exciting ways.

  • 100% Anonymous. While pasted is running analytics on the objects that are being created, we'll never collect or store user identifiable information.
  • Paste raw text, code, shell sessions, snippets, or whatever else you need. The pasted service will present both raw output and syntax highlight options giving you the ability to share content in a medium that is easy to understand for everyone.
  • Shorten links allowing you to create a simpler user experience when sharing complex web-based queries. All shortened links allow users to reverse the shortener which allows folks to validate them.
  • Is this an open source project? Yes! Pasted is 100% open source. The source code for the service can be found on here. The souce code for the python client can be found here. Pull requests, issues, and comments are always welcome.

  • How long will my pastes last? All pastes and shortened URLs will last indefinitely so long as their accessed within a 90 period. Once a paste goes 90 days without access, it will be automatically removed.

  • How do I delete a paste? If content needs to be removed please contact us regarding the disputed content and one of our administrators will assist you through the process of creating a claim.