Pasted paste services for humans

Using a browser plugin

Highlight text, pasted, get a link: share. has browser plugins which allow users to simply POST content from within a browser to pasted with a single right click.

The supported browser plugins leverage the pasted API to POST content and get return raw text URLs. All pasted plugins are designed to rapidly upload content and get out of your way.

Supported browsers
Browser Link
Chrome browser logo Link to Browser Plugin
Firefox browser logo Coming soon.
The power is in the context menu
Right click screen shot
Right click screen shot

Highlight content and right click on the content to bring up a context menu. Once the context menu is up click "Post to"

Rich text is easy to share
New tab opened
New tab opened

A new inactive tab will be opened with to the rich-text pasted document created after upload.

Raw text is simple
Showing notification
Showing notification

Once POST'd to pasted a notification will be displayed indicating the raw text URL has been added to the paste buffer (clipboard).